We’ve been honored to guide some amazing people along their journey to create their happy spaces. We are grateful for their support and encouraging comments.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Bluebird Nest and I highly recommend them for your organizing project.”

I have worked with Jennifer multiple times since moving from New York City to Minnesota about seven months ago. She is reliable, punctual, kind, and hard working. Jennifer has offered great suggestions to help me and my family settle into our new home. Jennifer tries her best to accommodate all requests and has referred other contractors to help meet our various needs. It has been a pleasure to work with Bluebird Nest and I highly recommend them for your organizing project.

Ben, Roseville, MN

“Jennifer was a godsend after my entire closet system came crashing to the floor. She responded within minutes of my phone call and offered a great solution to come out the next day.”

She cleaned out my closet and organized everything so I knew where it was located in other areas of my home. She came prepared with boxes, a step stool and a friendly reassuring attitude at a time when I was so overwhelmed. She is also so well resourced and gave me gave me ideas of who to contact for a new closet system. I will definitely have her back and highly recommend her!

Deb Ronglien, Eden Prairie, MN

Her attention to detail helped create an effective working space geared for success. I love my new home office!

I am so grateful for Jennifer assisting me in organizing my Mary Kay home office. During the consultation, Jennifer strived to understand my personal style and offered some great suggestions which allowed me to have a better overall vision of how I might like my office to look. The process of emptying the room was difficult and gave me a lot of anxiety but Jennifer was very patient and kept me on track with some smaller tasks so it didn’t seem quite so overwhelming. Her attention to detail helped to create an effective working space that is geared for success. I love my new home office!

Suzanne Oliver, Duluth, MN

“After only a couple visits, Jennifer has not only organized my large entryway and laundry room, creating a functional and beautiful space for me, but she’s mapped out a system that will help me in being able to stay organized!”

After my recent move, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with the task of organizing my new home. I reached out to Jennifer and she was quick to respond. She came over soon after we talked on the phone to evaluate the job. She is creative, and able to see the big picture; and skilled at making it happen! She is also very kind, and willing to help find solutions to things that might impede progress. I will be able to use the tools she has taught me, to organize the other areas of my home. If I need assistance, I’ll definitely be calling on her again!

Janet, Anoka, MN

“Jennifer and her service is incredible. She took the time prior to the appointment of understanding my needs and what I wanted to accomplish. Highly recommend.”

The part I enjoyed the most is the no judgment and focus on what I wanted done with her experience to assist and get the job started.

Eric, Edina, MN

“Prior to Jennifer’s help and expertise, I had a guest bedroom that I did not know how to deal with. Now, I am taking the techniques I learned and using them in other areas of my home.”

The experience of working with Jennifer has been the best decision I could have made for myself. I had a guest bedroom that was also my crafting area/throw all area. I would just close the door and try to forget about it. When company would stay, I would shove things anywhere to make it as presentable as possible. We decided the room was to be left specifically as a guest room, so when company comes over, they feel they have their own space and not feel like they were a burden in my home.Not only did she help me realize how I wanted that room to function, but she was also extremely patient with me as I had to decide what to do with so many items in that room! I did not realize just how much I had! Since there were so many items to relocate, we were able to find a small area of my home that we converted into a very functional craft area and now I am back to enjoying my crafts without the overwhelming feeling of being crammed in a space that wasn’t functional. I ended up letting go of so many things that were causing me stress and anxiety. Thank you, Jennifer!!!! Her calmness, expertise and great sense of understanding were so genuine and a huge part of making this a successful project. I highly recommend her to anyone that is just lost and does not know where to begin. She has great vision and is resourceful at finding solutions!!

Amanda Miller, Forest Lake, MN

Jennifer and her team helped me create a plan that was specific to what I wanted for a new home office, and gave me the morale boost I needed to follow through with the project.

If you have ever wanted to make a space better but just could not quite get it done, I would recommend Bluebird Nest Organizing to help you. We created an office space that is now organized, calm, and beautiful, which is just what I wanted. Bluebird Nest Organizing gave me professional service from start to finish, and now I can be in my space and, well, feel happy about it. Thanks Jennifer & Pete!

Stacy L, Minneapolis, MN

“She worked with both my and my husband’s organizing style to find the perfect methods that would work for both of us.”

I was very happy with my experience with Bluebird Nest Organizing. Jennifer was very responsive and professional. She helped me organize my kitchen and gave me useful tips that I will take with me for a lifetime and helped me to see things in an organized and efficient way that I hadn’t thought of before. We highly recommend her services. She helped me to put a system in place that makes sense to me and one I can easily sustain!

Jen R, Fridley, MN

“Jennifer has been helpful and supportive throughout this process. She is kind and understands that change can be difficult.”

Jennifer was referred to me for help with getting my home reorganized after the loss of my wife. I was ready to start making the transition and but knew I needed some guidance in making decisions. Jennifer has been helpful and supportive throughout this process. She is kind and understands that change can be difficult. Jennifer encouraged me to think about what items have meaning and offered solutions on how to keep the memories alive while parting with the actual item. She is a very hard worker and creative in offering suggestions. I highly recommend her services!

Tom Moberg, St Paul, MN

“I have watched so many HGTV/Lifetime shows wishing for my own organizer to come help me purge and organize. Now I hired one! This is self-care for me. It can be for you too!”

Jennifer kept me focused and on task, challenged me about keeping some keepsakes my children made, and helped guide me when I was paralyzed over the most environmentally responsible way to get rid of things. She listened, acknowledged all the feelings that go with fresh starts, and spoke so many words of kindness and encouragement.

I am moving in 2-3 months. And being able to really decide what to take and what needs to go is so satisfying. Together we are boxing up what is not necessary, in preparation for the move. I am purging, decluttering and packing at the same time. Jennifer’s help is just what I need to help guide me through this next big life transition! I can’t recommend her enough.

Elizabeth Lussier, Coon Rapids, MN

“Jennifer went over and above our expectations to take our hallway laundry room from a totally dysfunctional eyesore to a room that was organized, fully functional, and ready to use by the end of the day.”

We’d been discussing our hallway laundry room for some time. We had talked about changing it but weren’t sure how. We saw Jennifer’s ad and sent her a message. Jennifer responded quickly and we set up an appointment for the next week. Jennifer arrived on time for the meeting, looked at our space, asked questions about our for vision for the room, and after listening to our input, offered some excellent suggestions. Jennifer even went along to help pick out materials and directed us to a just right cabinet in a local store. On the morning of reno day, Jennifer arrived on time, accompanied by her husband Pete, and they set right to work. By the end of the day, the room was reorganized, fully functional and ready to use. They also cleaned up all debris, swept the floor and touched up the walls where paint was needed. The design has worked out great! It much more convenient and no longer an eyesore. To the contrary, organized and attractive. We’d have them organize another room for us in a NY minute!

Todd & Mary Ebersviller, Anoka, MN

“She understands change is not easy and really encourages me.”

I just started working with Jennifer on organizing my bedroom. She has been fantastic in keeping me motivated and keeping me on track in a very kind manner. She has great ideas and I can tell that she really cares, not only about the project, but also helping individuals move forward. I highly recommend her services!!

Pam, Ramsey, MN