Organizing and Decluttering Service FAQ

How long does each session take?

For organizing sessions, we offer 4-hour and 8-hour session blocks.

Will you provide an estimate for my project?

Each client and every situation are unique and cannot be compared.  It is our policy to not provide quotes or project time estimates. We offer a flat hourly rate. Many issues affect the timeline for a project to include the size of the space, how many items you have, what kind of items they are, your decision-making speed and stamina, the number of distractions during sessions, your availability, and frequency for sessions.

Is there a minimum number of hours required?

A minimum of 4 hours is required to hire our team to help you with your project. 

Will I have to pay for your travel time?
Bluebird Nest Organizing will travel, without charge, thirty (30) miles or forty (40) minutes each way, whichever is shorter. Any travel time above that will be charged at fifty percent of the hourly rate, starting at 40 minutes or 30 miles. Bluebird Nest Organizing reserves the right to waive any travel fees. 
What preparations or supplies are needed prior to your arrival?

Our team will bring all the necessary supplies for the session. We ask that you do not need to clean the space but focus on self-care instead. Here are a few suggestions in order to help you prepare for the session; Get a good night sleep the evening before. Wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes. Eat a meal beforehand. Take any medications. Limit distractions for our session. Please secure pets during appointment. Prior to our arrival, please let us know if there are any specific details such as where to park or which door to approach.

Should I buy any organizing products in advance?

We ask that you not make any purchases in advance. We make suggestions for products based on your specific space after decluttering any unnecessary items.

Do I need to be present for the sessions?

We work with our clients as a team. Only you know what items in your home are important; from sentimental belongings to the clothing that you are currently wearing. We are available to offer guidance and suggestions but your presence is required to make the final decisions. 

What is your organizing process?

Our process is simple. Bluebird Nest Organizing creates happy SPACES. 

Sort – Group similar items together

Purge – Remove items that are no longer useful

Assign – Designate a home for items

Contain – Store and label similar items together

Evaluate – Is the system working for the client?

Sustain – Is the client able to perform daily tidying up and place items in their home position?

Do you provide cleaning services?

We always leave your space better than when we started. Our team will provide light dusting, wiping and vacuuming specific to the area we are working in. At the end of each session, we remove any trash and recycling that was generated. Beyond that, we recommend finding a home cleaning service after your project is complete.

How do I pay for the session?

Payment is due at the end of each organizing session. Payment may be made by cash, check, credit card, PayPal, Venmo or Zelle.