Our mission is to transform lives by helping to create organized and functional spaces that inspire happiness.

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Veteran, Nurse, Organizer

I grew up in Duluth, MN. With full disclosure, I will tell you that I had an unstable childhood. As a coping mechanism, I developed a habit of arranging my personal belongings – toys, books, clothing. What I discovered very early on was that when my items were in order, I felt a greater sense of control and increased ability to cope with the extenuating circumstances.

I joined the Air Force after high school. I received training as a surgical technologist in the operating room where I developed skills for streamlining and efficiency. 

After serving my country, I went back to college to become a Registered Nurse. I have compassion, empathy and a desire to truly help those in need and accept them where they are at.

I further specialized my nursing career in the medical device industry by training surgeons on new technology. I have a passion for educating people to help them develop a new skillset.

My love for organizing, education and helping people led to the development of Bluebird Nest Organizing and our amazing team of Professional Organizers!

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Once you’ve organized your home, what do you do with all the extra stuff? Jennifer Cofer is back with Pete Turok to talk about her brand new store, Bluebird Nest Organizing Resale Boutique! Jennifer is joined by Jay Calhoun of Magnus Veterans Foundation to talk about how their organizations are teaming up to help Veterans in our communities!

The Chamber Report with Jennifer Cofer


Pete Turok of the Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce sat down with owner Jennifer Cofer to learn about the business and hear customer testimony from Kaarin Birch! Take a look!

Dayton resident launches new organizing business

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“In today’s unprecedented times, if we can keep our own house in order, it allows us to experience greater control over our lives, less anxiety, increased confidence and an overall sense of personal happiness.”

Cofer started Bluebird Nest Organizing as a way to help others with their organizing issues. Her mission is to change people’s lives by helping them to create spaces that are organized, functional and inspire happiness.

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The Chamber Report with Jennifer Cofer


In the age of drop-shipping, we can have almost anything delivered right to our doorstop; but as we accumulate, we often don’t eliminate. That’s why when we can get our home in order, it can be a place of refuge from the outside world and really promote rest and relaxation.

How to Build a Business  and Why Professional Organizing Helps Us All

The Elle Daily Podcast – To Inspire

On today’s episode you’ll learn about the ambition and drive to start up a thriving business during the downswing market or recession that 2020 brought. 2020 was no threat to Jennifer who found a way to create a thriving business and help others find comfort and joy in their own dwelling space. Jennifer has found a passion in helping others be the best versions of themselves by decluttering their homes and life.

The Elle Daily Podcast - Professional Organizing