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Our mission is to transform lives by helping to create organized and functional spaces that inspire happiness.

Hi, I’m Jennifer!

Veteran, Nurse, Business Owner, Professional Organizer

I’m a native of Duluth, MN, with a long-standing passion for organizing. When I was a child, I developed the habit of arranging my belongings neatly as a coping mechanism to help me through challenging times. I realized that when my items were in order, I felt a larger sense of control over my extenuating circumstances, which helped me cope.

Right after high school, I joined the Air Force. My focus during my service was in the medical field. Training as a surgical technologist in the operating room developed my skills for streamlining and efficiency.

After serving my country, I returned to college to become a registered nurse. My capacity for compassion, empathy, and acceptance heavily supported my career in this healthcare role. This part of my skill set benefitted my patients because it supported my desire to meet people where they were at.

My passion for educating others and helping them develop new skill sets was utilized soon afterward when I began training surgeons on new technology. This deeper specialization in the medical device industry evolved my skills in teaching others about complex topics.

Bluebird Nest Organizing was developed from my love for organizing, education, and service to others. I can’t wait for you to meet our amazing team of Professional Organizers!

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Celebrating Excellence in Organization and Decluttering Services

Dayton resident and Bluebird Nest Organizing business owner Jennifer Cofer recently received the “Organizer of the Year” award for 2023 from the Minnesota chapter of the National Association for Productivity and Organizing.

Bluebird Nest Organizing is committed to excellence, and that dedication was recognized by NAPO for 2023! By creating spaces that are functional, organized, and happiness-forward, Bluebird Nest Organizing’s mission set the bar for making a tangible difference in the community. Owner Jennifer Cofer reinforces this mission by supporting and educating clients through home organization, move management, and order restoration. 

Bluebird Nest Organizing now includes a team of six employees and has opened a thrift store to support local charities, Bluebird Nest Resale Boutique. The store can be found at 11311 Dayton River Road in Dayton.

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naps award blue bird nest best organizer

Cofer was recently named NAPO’s “Organizer of the Year” for 2023! This exclusive award is granted through the National Association for Productivity and Organizing ~ Minnesota Chapter (NAPO-MN). Only professional organizers who make a difference in the community can be nominated for this award, making this a prestigious recognition for this industry. 

Regain Control of Your Refuge with Home Organization Services

Decluttering Promotes Restful Home Spaces for All

In the age of drop-shipping, we can have almost anything delivered right to our doorstep. However, as we accumulate, we often don’t eliminate. That’s why getting your home in order can make it a place of refuge from the outside world and truly promote rest and relaxation.

Giving Back to Those Who Served

As a veteran of the Air Force, Jennifer understands the impact of armed service on veterans and their families. Through the Bluebird Nest Resale Boutique, Jennifer Cofer donates a portion of all proceeds to the Magnus Foundation! This Minnesota-based non-profit organization supports the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of veterans throughout our community.

You Deserve a Non-Judgemental Professional Organizer

Helping Real People Transform Chaos to Calm

When you start working with Bluebird Nest Organizing, we are there to support you throughout your project—sometimes in unexpected ways. Our team is trained to offer discreet and thoughtful organization and decluttering services. We help real people take back their homes and find their happy spaces again.

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Bluebird Nest Organizing Featured by Hometown Source News

Local News Outlets Share Jennifer’s Mission

Jennifer’s hard work was recognized by local news outlets for her commitment to improving the lives of those within her community. Read the full featured article here for more about how her organizing business aims to help others transform their lives one room at a time.

Professional Organizing Helps Us All—Even When Times Are Tough

Jennifer Guest Stars on The Elle Daily Podcast

Elle and Jennifer talk about how starting a business during the 2020 downswing market (or recession) helped Jennifer create a business that brings real joy to others. As it turns out, it was the perfect time for people to get more comfort out of their dwelling spaces by decluttering their homes and, consequently, their lives.

The Elle Daily Podcast - Professional Organizing